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Our dependable product saves you yearly shrink wrapping costs since you can use it year after year. Our cover is so easy to use, you can install it yourself in no time. Also, since your boat, pontoon, or RV can be stored outside with our cover, you can eliminate the cost of indoor storage fees.

4 Year parts/Hardware warranty, 1 year Tarp Seam Warranty!

Reusable Year After Year!

Eco Friendly Covers

MOST Weather resistant cover ever built!

All Seasons Covers allows snow to slide right off!

The cover is designed to withstand winter snow loads, spring rains, summer heat, and fall leaves that may pile up on your parked boat or rv. The adjustable bungees, cover, and framework snap together WITHOUT TOOLS, and in just 15 minutes or less! These are U.S. Patented covers and ready for most pontoon boats and RVs! All sizes, makes and models and with a five year guarantee on all framework.

Remember shrink wrap is applied with a blowtorch in order to shrink the plastic to your boat. This can also shrink the top of vinyl furniture and burn your expensive seats!.

A Word from the All Seasons Pontoon, Boat & RV Covers Owner –
“I’d call it scrap wrap! At the end of the winter it often pollutes the ground, and our ozone layer with the chemicals released into the environment! I had my boat shrink wrapped a few years ago and the process ruined my interior. The torching process burned the top of my seats and left my boat vinyl destroyed, not to mention all mold and mildew damage to the pontoon from the trapped moisture. That’s when I decided to save others from the same fate! I now have a revolutionary cover system that is U.S. Patented and installs in just minutes and is environmentally friendly. The cover also eliminates mold and mildew with the breathable system.”

Thank you,
Greg Hoover
President, All Seasons Pontoon, Boat & RV Covers


Our space age tough-woven poly tarp is the only cover of its kind with a frame guaranteed to withstand Michigan winter! No more costly repairs, due to winter damage!